For inquires please call 0777 532 352

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q. When will I receive my order?
    • A. You will receive your delivery within 48 to 72hrs from the order date. We will definitely make sure your placed order is delivered and will not be missed. Please contact us on for inquiries only after the 48 to 72hrs to see what the status is.
  • Q. Why is my order delayed?
    • A. Your order might be delayed due to the current situation in Sri Lanka and also by the number of orders we receive within a small time frame. Please allow us to get back to you on any delays. You can contact us on for excessive delays over 6 days.
  • Q. Can I pay Cash on Delivery?
    • A. We have removed cash on delivery for the time being because there is limited access to cash, but for special circumstances, please contact us at
  • Q. Can I pay by Bank Transfer ?
    • A. We have removed bank transfers for the time being because it is difficult to verify a large number of transactions, but for special circumstances, please contact us at
  • Q. What do I do if an item is missing when I open the box?
    • A. Please contact us via email at mentioning your order ID and the missing items. We will investigate and arrange for a refund.
  • Q. How can I cancel my order?
  • Q. Can I add items to an existing order?
    • A. If the order is not being processed yet and not paid for there is a chance, but please contact us via email to check availablity of stock.